Draw a Circuit: Fun with Graphite


Students explore the conductive properties of graphite and graphene as they create simple circuits.

Draw lines on a paper with a graphite pencil and then connect it with a battery and a LED.1024px-Graphendrawcircuit

Next Generation Science Standards

4-PS3-2            Make observations to provide evidence that energy can be transferred from place to place by sound, light, heat, and electric currents. [Assessment Boundary: Assessment does not include quantitative measurements of energy.]

5-PS1-3            Make observations and measurements to identify materials based on their properties. [Clarification Statement: Examples of materials to be identified could include baking soda and other powders, metals, minerals, and liquids. Examples of properties could include color, hardness, reflectivity, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, response to magnetic forces,

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In a related experiment try making Graphite Paint.

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