Solar Energy Data Exploration

radiometerThe CEI has established a shadowband radiometer and solar panel test facility on the roof the UW Power Plant building. The dataset from these two sources provides an opportunity for student exploration with data.

  • What does a Seattle Solar year look like in detail?
  • Over what time period to we collect 80% of the energy available for a year?
  • What angle is best?
  • What is the efficiency of commercial solar panels under real conditions?

Download Investigations with Solar Data Lesson Plan

Download 3-7-2015 Data

Download 3-22-2015 Data

Download Solar Radiometer Macro Mashup with Macros

IMG_20140819_163750 IMG_20140819_163657

Complete Radiometer Data Interface

Below is a live feed of todays solar radiation measurements.

What’s Happening?

Can you explain the graph below recorded on August 21st 2017?


PVWatts Calculator from NREL

Directions for building a homemade pyranometer

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