DICE Charter

Diversity in Clean Energy

Mission Statement:

Diversity in Clean Energy (DICE) is a student-led alliance for diversity and equal opportunity in cleantech. DICE facilitates connections between students and professionals in clean energy by organizing talks that focus on career paths and professional development. We hold brown bag lunch meetings with local members of the cleantech community once a month and organize career talks over coffee with Clean Energy Institute (CEI) seminar speakers.


Our goal as an organization is to improve diversity in all forms at the professional level in the cleantech sector, by supporting the transition of students and post-docs from the academic setting into professional levels. We address this by improving the soft skills necessary for success in academia & industry, with a particular focus on networking. We also focus on educating our members about the diversity of jobs in cleantech so that more informed career decisions can be made.


Staple Events:

Brown Bag Lunch (BBL): Our brown bag lunch series is a monthly lunch meeting, with an invited speaker. The speakers are local community members who work within the cleantech sector. These lunches are an opportunity to learn about different career paths, network, and to learn about first-hand experiences in the workplace.


Career Coffee: Career coffee talks with the CEI seminar speakers are an opportunity for the DICE members to interact with leading researchers of cleantech in traditional academic settings. It is an opportunity to hear about the speaker’s career path and to get advice. This is also an opportunity for students and post-docs, who may be less likely to speak up during a seminar, to connect with the CEI speakers in a smaller group setting and make better personal connections.