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Collaborate for Outreach

For research groups and investigators:

The Clean Energy Institute has built an active, multifaceted outreach and engagement program that can be leveraged to increase the impact of broader impacts activities being proposed in grants from the level of major NSF centers, to individual grad student fellowships.

We hope you will find the sample activities and broader impacts text LINK HERE (UWNetID required) useful for your own grant writing.

We would be pleased to partner with you by including CEI outreach in your broader impact statement. You could take advantage of the organization that CEI has in place, and we could benefit from your student volunteers and added customized materials that you create to our actively used library.

You are free to use and adapt the text contained at the link above as needed, however, we ask that if incur a financial commitment (e.g. kit development) that you budget appropriately in your proposal (guidance is provided for some sample activities).  For larger center-level activities, we strongly encourage you to contact us.  We can provide staff support and budgeting planning advice if you would like to partner with CEI to leverage our efforts as part of a larger proposal.

Sample activities range from outreach loaner kits, lesson plans, giveaway kits, staff support and a growing list of collaborating schools and venues that we respond to each year.

Volunteer groups at other colleges in Washington may also be interested in setting up a Clean Energy Ambassadors satellite site which will can equip and train. Contact Shaun Taylor

By the numbers

Clean Energy Ambassadors Student engagement statistics

Type contacts last year contacts total
STEM Fairs 10848 61488
Workshops 1620 2972
Adult Events 450 1030
Tours 462 617
Mentoring 440 690
SunDawg Bags 200 1100