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Yao Long

Yao Long

Rooftop photovoltaic (PV) system installations are growing rapidly worldwide. Distribution systems with high penetration of PV are likely to experience voltage rise problems caused by the reverse power flow from PV, and rapid voltage fluctuations caused by the intermittency and stochasticity of PV generation. Energy storage systems (ESSs), with advantages such as fast response, easy deployment and flexible operation, are appropriate for voltage regulation.

My research will focus on the optimization of ESS utilization in radial distribution system voltage control, with the objective of achieving satisfactory voltage level while minimizing cost. The control strategy will be validated using the OPAL-RT real-time digital simulator. I will first test these control strategies on a 34-bus test system and then extend them to larger distribution networks, which will require optimizing the placement of ESS and coordination between ESSs.

Advisor: Daniel Kirschen — Electrical & Computer Engineering