Clean Energy Bridge to Research REU Program

The Clean Energy Bridge to Research (CEBR) is a new summer research program  funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF 1559787) and co-sponsored by the Clean Energy Institute. It supports a select group of undergraduates and community college teachers to participate in authentic research in solar, energy storage, and grid technologies with mentorship by UW’s world-class faculty and grad students.

2016 CEBR REU student Eden Rivers works on new battery materials.

2016 CEBR student Eden Rivers works on new battery materials.

Program Goals:

  • Encourage students to pursue STEM careers.
  • Provide exposure to research at a hands-on level.
  • Improve student knowledge about the nature of research including ambiguity, evolving understanding, and the open ended nature of research.
  • Develop student inquiry skills including formulating research questions, experimental design, analysis, scientific communication, and envisioning future steps.
  • Impart relevant, state of the art content in photovoltaics, energy storage and smart grids in the domains of physics, chemistry, materials science and electrical engineering.

CEBR is recruiting is now closed for 2017.

A. Full Research Session: June 19-August 19, 2017

For students who have completed two years of college or community college. This is a nine-week immersive research project in a single lab leading to an abstract and poster  This session provides a stipend of $4,000, on-campus housing, $500 for food, and a $500 travel allowance.

B. Exploratory Session: June 19-July 19, 2017

For students who have completed one year of college or community college. This is a four-week early research experience. Students will receive training, then complete a mini research project under the tutelage of a graduate student and create an educational product related to their work. Exploratory fellows may apply for the Full Research Session the following year. This session provides a stipend of $2,000.

C. Research Experience for Community College Teachers : June 19-July 19, 2017

For community college teachers working with students who have the goal of integrating clean energy research into their curriculum. This session provides a stipend of $4,000.


This program is open to U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Key Program Dates:

Application Deadline: February 17

Orientation: June 14

Program Starts: June 19




What to expect

The Washington Research Foundation has provided a six-year gift of $6.74 million to support nine new faculty hires, six postdoctoral researchers and the creation of a new experimental manufacturing facility on campus that will help move discoveries from the laboratory to the marketplace. This investment in the CEI is truly transformational.”
– Daniel Schwartz, CEI Director
“Providing clean energy to the inhabitants of our planet is a major challenge to future generations. The University of Washington is to be congratulated for establishing an Institute where faculty and students can work together to tackle the difficult global challenge of energy sustainability.”
– Mildred Dresselhaus, Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering, Emerita and Institute Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Energy competition is opening up in a variety of ways, the push for carbon control will continue, and the rate of technology advancement is exponential. All the things I’ve seen at the CEI are just perfect for the way we see things going in energy. You guys are at the cutting edge. We’re counting on you.”
– Ronald Litzinger, President, Edison Energy
Since its founding the Clean Energy Institute has contributed more than $1.1 million toward the education of 66 STEM scholars and recruitment of 12 students through our fellowship programs.