Get Involved!

The Clean Energy Institute is strategically seeding activities and programs that support our priorities and fit with the ongoing efforts and initiatives of our partners. Whether you’re a UW faculty member or student, or K-12 student, teacher, or community member, we’d love to have your involvement!

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New and developing initiatives

  • Help develop new educational programs that emphasize problem-based learning, help our students collaborate and develop multidisciplinary knowledge in addition to disciplinary expertise (T competency), integrate with our testbeds, and are complementary to existing programs and activities. Contact CEI Associate Director David Ginger with your ideas and interest.
  • Propose something new – an industry connection, global partnership, internship opportunity, collaborative proposal, or outreach activity for a grant proposal. Contact CEI Director Dan Schwartz with your idea. CEI has resources and a growing staff that may be available to support your initiative.
  • Get involved with the CEI Testbed planning process. Contact committee chairs to recommend instruments, provide input on design, or join a team.

Research Training Chair: David Ginger
Scale-up & Characterization Chairs:  Jihui YangDevin MacKenzie
Systems Integration Chairs: Daniel Kirschen, Venkat Subramanian

Other opportunities for faculty

  • Recommend a speaker for the CEI Interdisciplinary Seminar Series (contact CEI Associate Director David Ginger)
  • Apply for a Student Training & Exploration Grant to pursue a new collaborative research idea (annual deadline in September but applications accepted on a rolling basis)
  • Attend the ORCAS conference. The ORCAS conference is held every other year at UW’s Friday Harbor Laboratory.  The meeting brings together graduate students, postdocs, industrial, government, and academic scientists to discuss emerging materials issues in an idyllic Pacific Northwest setting.
  • Mobilize a team for a center proposal in a clean energy research area
  • Provide input on faculty hiring or serve on the hiring committee (contact CEI Director Dan Schwartz)
  • Join the CEI mailing list to learn about new funding opportunities, collaboration activities, and upcoming programs
  • Engage in social media via LinkedIn , Twitter, and Facebook
  • Feature your research in CEI’s electronic newsletter or in a web site post
  • Attend Clean Tech Alliance or Element 8 meetings and events
  • [ Your idea here! ]

Other opportunities for students

Opportunities or K-12 students, teachers, and community

  • Volunteer as a Clean Energy Ambassador at CEI activities and outreach events.
  • The Clean Energy ALVA summer program provides 6 incoming UW freshmen the opportunity to participate in intense lab experiences while attending daily math classes, tutoring sessions, ethics training, seminars, and chemistry courses.
  • Request a SunDawg Bag for a classroom
  • Request a Classroom Visit
  • Download Lesson Plans