Lesson Plans

The Clean Energy Institute has developed detailed lesson plans for teaching Next Generation Science Standard aligned content at the middle school and high school level. Activities range from quick demos, to multi-day investigations, and supporting teaching units. The curriculum materials will encourage more awareness of the role of research in building a sustainable energy economy.


Elementary and Middle School Lessons


SunDawg Bag

Solar Car Derby

Solar Car Derby

Build a model town that is sustainable.

Build a model town that is sustainable.

Aluminum Air Battery

Aluminum Air Battery


Draw a Circuit with Graphite

Sequence 01

Solar Spinner

Solar Panel

Make a Solar Panel Workshop

A battery from household chemicals

A battery from household chemicals

Electrochemical Chameleon

Electro-chemical Chameleon

SolarModCar – 3D printed car

High school Lessons


Solar cell test lab


Absorption and Fluorescence with Spectrometer


Nanocrystalline-dye solar cell

A model luminescent solar concentrator.

A model luminescent solar concentrator.

Optimized demand to fit solar supply.

Modeling Solar Grid Integration with Math


Radiometer Data Exploration


Clean Energy Explorer Interactive

Clean Energy Learning Links

NREL Renewable Energy Science Projects

NOVA Energy Lab    Energy Lab Overview

Science Buddies Energy and Power Science Fair Projects

Stabilization Wedges Game from Princeton

Electricity Production Calculator from USC

Science Enthusiasts from Materials Research Society

National Energy Education Development Project

Green Learning Canada

Photonics Interactives

Become a School Partner

The CEI is committed to making deeper impacts in a small number of laboratory schools. The CEI provides loaner equipment and supplies to the lab schools while school help test curriculum materials. Schools establish an ongoing mentor relationship with a CEI fellow. These project based learning units can be integrated into physics, CTE and mathematics classrooms. Contact uwcei@uw.edu if you would like to explore becoming a CEI laboratory school.