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CEI Announces 2015 Graduate Fellow Awardees

, CEI Announces 2015 Graduate Fellow Awardees

Congratulations to our 2015 cohort of graduate fellows. The CEI Graduate Fellowships program is competitive and represents an important investment in graduate student research. Selected students receive financial support in order to pursue a research project related to the development of new materials for solar energy, energy storage, or grid integration of renewable energy. Our 2015 fellows (along with their faculty sponsors and departments) are:

  • Charles Barrows (Daniel Gamelin, Chemistry)
  • Brett Courtright (Samson Jenekhe, Chemical Engineering)
  • Michael Crump (Alex Jen, Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Michael De Siena (Daniel Gamelin, Chemistry)
  • Alex Ditter (Gerald Seidler, Physics)
  • Benjamin Glassy (Brandi M. Cossairt, Chemistry)
  • Dion Hubble (Alex Jen, Molecular Engineering & Sciences)
  • Todd Karin (Kai-Mei Fu, Physics)
  • John Katahara (Hugh Hillhouse, Chemical Engineering)
  • Patrick Lestrange (Xiaosong Li, Chemistry)
  • Pan Li (Baosen Zhang, Electrical Engineering)
  • Yun Li (Jihui Yang, Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Francis Lin (Alex K.-Y. Jen, Chemistry & Materials Science and Engineering)
  • David Lingerfelt (Xiaosong Li, Chemistry)
  • Robert Masse (Guozhong Cao, Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Brigit Miller (Daniel Gamelin, Chemistry)
  • Mark Miller (Junlan Wang, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Paul Nguyen, (David Cobden, Physics)
  • Manan  Pathak, (Venkat Subramanian, Chemical Engineering)
  • Timothy Pollock (Cody Schlenker, Chemistry)
  • Mushfiqur Sarker (Miguel A. Ortega-Vazquez, Electrical Engineering)
  • Charles Schmidt (Guozhong Cao, Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Kyle Seyler (Xiaodong Xu, Physics)
  • Jennifer Stein (Brandi Cossairt, Chemistry)
  • Carolina Vinado (Jihui Yang, Materials Science and Engineering)
  • Sarah Vorpahl (David Ginger, Chemistry)
  • Mark Ziffer (David Ginger, Chemistry)